Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Wedding: The Day After

When I woke up on June 9th, it was so hard to believe that everything we had been planning and organizing for almost two years was over.  Just like that, after that one day and night, it was all done and over with.  While that's a bittersweet thought, it was still surreal to me that we were now married! FINALLY! :)

We didn't waste any time getting something to eat, because we were still starving, so we had breakfast downstairs at The Berkeley Hotel.  I could've sworn one of us had taken a picture of our food, but neither of us can find it :(  You know that makes me sad, because I totally would've posted it! haha. 

After breakfast, our families had come back to The Berkeley to help clean up the parlor, because, needless to say, it was a gigantic mess.  You couldn't even tell the day before how messy it was, because there
were so many people in there and so much going on, but there was stuff EVERYWHERE.  I even sacrificed a pair of flipflops that day, that never made it home and have yet to show up.  {If you were in the parlor getting ready, and you've come across a size 7 pair of brown Reefs that you've never seen before, they're probably mine.}  So we literally just threw stuff into boxes and bags, in some sort of organized manner, just to get everything out of there.  We all sat around talking for a bit, then went our separate ways.  Matt & I went home, but everyone else had to make a trip to The Science Museum to pick up some more things.

Then, both of our families and some of Matt's out of town family came over to our house, to see the house and eat lunch. 

Matt and I still needed to pack for Jamaica, so that's how we spent our afternoon once our families left...figuring out what we needed for each day, etc., and making sure NOT to forget anything {and I don't think either of us did!}.

So, now that we're on that topic, be sure to check back tomorrow for some pictures of JAMAICA!!!  yay!! I'm so excited to finally post these!! :)

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