Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Wedding: Picture Slideshow

If you haven't already picked up on it, I love that most of our wedding details were so personalized and really "us."  They were really only things that could've been at our wedding, like pictures of us at all the different locations, etc.

Something else that I loved that really made our reception more "us" was a pictures slideshow we had playing throughout dinner.  Inside the Science Museum, they have groups of TV screens together that are hooked up to a computer.  There were two sets of TVs on one side of the room, and one more set on the opposite side of the room. All I had to do was make the slideshow with all the pictures we wanted to use, and they hooked it right up!

I was most excited about the fact that all of the TVs didn't have to be in sync!  So, while all of the TVs played the same exact slideshow, they
were all always on different pictures, so the same picture was never on all three TVs at the same time. So cool.  And, you know how much I was into making every detail go with everything else, so naturally the slideshow title page matched our colors and fonts used for the logo.

Since the past few post haven't had many "interesting" pictures, I figured I'd just load this post up with all of the pictures we used for the slideshow! haha.  I love looking back at all of these pictures, and seeing how many things we've done since we've been together....so much!  I love that I can still remember the exact moments the pictures were taken and the stories behind them!  


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