Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Wedding: Our Preacher

There was never any question about who we wanted to marry us.  Johnathan was my youth pastor since before Matt and I started dating, so he's literally known us since we've been together...since the first few times Matt started coming to church with us and went on our mission trip to West Palm Beach, Florida with us. 

We have always loved Johnathan and his wife Keira, and of course their three awesome kiddos!  We're very lucky to have such awesome people in our lives :)

I had been talking to Keira on Facebook trying to coordinate a day where the four of us could all meet up for dinner, just to chat and catch up, but this was also when Matt and I wanted to ask Johnathan if he would marry us.  Shortly before meeting up with them, we knew Johnathan had a possible job relocation, so I kind of worked that into the conversation....I said something like, "So, now, say you do get this
new job in South Carolina, like, if you wanted to come back for a few days to visit, could you?"  He responded "yes," and I said, "well, the reason I was asking is because.." and well, you can figure out the rest!  Anyway, he did end up getting a great new South Carolina! Yes, our families momentarily freaked, but we knew it would work out and be fine. 

While most of our meetings with those involved with the wedding were done in person, we had to get more creative with Johnathan.  We had Skype meetings on Sunday evenings for about 3 months I would say, after some rescheduling some weeks, schedule conflicts others, etc., etc.  But it worked!

Here's a picture of one of those days we were getting ready to Skyp with him.....apparently one computer for each of us wasn't enough, so we had three......just in case....haha

So, obviously, we owe a HUGE thanks to Johnathan, because without him, we wouldn't be married!! haha.  Thank you for all you've done for us the whole time we've been together, and for being there on our special day!!

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