Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Wedding: #mandmwedding

It's nothing new that social media has really grown in the last couple of years.  I mean, there's a hashtag for everything these days....including our wedding!

Matt and I both use social media a lot.....Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and the list goes on.  A lot of our friends and family do, as well, on a pretty regular basis.  We just knew that there would be tons of people taking pictures and Instagramming on June 8th, and we wanted to make sure we would be able to look back and see those pictures even after the wedding.  In fact, later that night while we were waiting for [our second] dinner, we went through and looked at most of them, and I'm pretty sure I said, "awww" or "oh my gosh!" a million times! haha.

So, this blog post is to thank all of our friends and family who took pictures, documented our wedding from their perspective, and shared them on Instagram using our hashtag #mandmwedding!  It was so wonderful seeing them and we loved them all!!

Now, I promised a lot of pictures would be on today's post, and that's exactly what you're going to get.  I gathered all of these Instagram pictures through the website Statigram.  It was very easy to log in to my Instagram account, search for the hashtag we used and pull up all
of the pictures.  I'll go ahead and say that beneath each picture, I will tell you who took the picture and who they were! That way, you can kind of understand where their perspective is coming from!  

Sidenote:  I feel like I have to include this just in case there are some people who don't use social media as much.  When someone uses a hashtag, like #mandmwedding, the hashtag basically becomes a link.  When you click on the link, it brings up all of the pictures that also have the same hashtag.

There was only one picture from the rehearsal...probably because no one really wanted to have their phones out in the rain......that is, of course, my sister ;)

Posted by Abby, my sister and MOH

There were lots of pictures from the rehearsal dinner!

Posted by Michael David - Matt's brother & Best Man
I still think it's hilarious that Abby and I took basically the same picture without even realizing it!

Posted by Me, of course!                                                              Posted by Abby
Okay, so, we ALL loved our place settings!! :) haha

Posted by Brooke - my cousin & Bridesmaid                     Posted by Gabby - my cousin & Bridesmaid

Time for dinner!  First we had soup..

Posted by Matt
 Then salad....

Posted by Matt's dad
 And finally, steak!
Posted by Matt
Here's Matt's dad and Holly
Posted by Matt's dad
 Victoria - one of our flower girls
Posted by Gabby
 Matt and Uncle Xel checking out something outside...

Posted by Michael David
 I saw this picture posted when I was left alone at the table.  I now know why...haha
Posted by Matt
I love that Matt's brother also took pictures while they were getting ready.  See, someone else's perspective!
Posted by Michael David
Gabby's view from these pictures:
Posted by Gabby
  Loving our ride to the Science Museum!!
Posted by Abby & taken by Mom!

Posted by Abby & taken by Mom!
As simple as this picture might be, I loved it.
Matt posted it after getting ready at The Berkeley and captioned it, "no cold feet here."
Needless to say, after I saw it on Instagram, I got so excited and thought, "okay, this is finally happening!" :)
Posted by Matt
Here are two of our great friends, Jordan and Lindsey!
Jordan was my suitemate & roommate at Longwood, and Matt & I went to high school and college with Lindsey!
Posted by Lindsey - Wedding Guest                                              Posted by Jordan - Wedding Guest

I love that Jordan, and another dear friend, Lacey, both took a picture of pretty much the exact same moment, but from different angles!
Posted by Jordan                                                                 Posted by Lacey - Wedding Guest

Posted by Jordan

I had this weird thing about wanting us to be the first to share a picture of us from the wedding.
We may not have been the first, but it was pretty close to being the first!
This was taken when Matt and I had our portraits done, and Matt shared it with the social media world, haha.

Posted by Matt

Mr. and Mrs. Matt D. Nolte! :)

Posted by Brandy - Wedding Guest

Friends & Bridal Party ready to eat!
To the left is Ryan and Dani.  Ryan and I worked on the same RA staff in the Cunninghams! 
Dani is Matt's little in Phi Mu Delta, and Dani and I were in Ambassadors together.
To the right, of course you already know Emily and Mallory :)

Posted by Dani - Wedding Guest                                          Posted by Mallory - Bridesmaid

It made me smile to see these pictures of their place settings, because I totally would've done the same thing! haha

Posted by Dani                                                                           Posted by Jordan pretty is it inside the Science Museum??

Posted by Michael David

Remember these awesome pictures?? Here are a few more from the head table!

Posted by Stephen - Groomsman

Posted by Michael David
Jordan and Lindsey with another friend from Longwood, Janice!

Posted by Janice - Wedding Guest

Lindsey & Jordan and Stephen & Janice
Posted by Jordan                                                                          Posted by Janice

Brandy & me!
Posted by Brandy

Alison & Uncle Xel dancing!
Posted by Gabby

Lindsey, I loved your drawing so much and had to share it :)

Posted by Lindsey
Posted by Dani
 I'm glad to see everyone loved the glow sticks!

Posted by Lindsey

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