Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Wedding: Stationary

Today's post isn't only a huge Thank You, but also a post for me to blog about how awesome my husband is! haha.

When it came to all of our stationary for the wedding, from the very beginning, I knew I wanted to at least "assemble" everything....but I didn't know to what extent.  I didn't really want to order anything from Party City, online websites, or catalogs, because nothing matched the theme or feel of the wedding that we were going for, they didn't have our colors {or even the option to customize with our colors...}, and well, call me picky, but I just wasn't a fan of most of the stuff.

So, I set out on this long ambition for us to MAKE any paper related thing needed for our wedding!

It started with Matt making our awesome Save the Dates! He made them on the computer and printed them through Longwood Printing
Services!  {Sidenote: Abby also printed my bridal shower invitations through them!}

Then, when we started to work on all of our other stationary, I downloaded the program Matt used and got to work! Everything was finished {all invitation components, programs, guestbook cards, etc.} and I was relieved to have this step of the process complete!  Only to realize that my files were somehow corrupted and whatnot and when you printed something, it came out blurry.  If you tried to convert the file to .pdf, it changed the font of the text. Why? I have NO clue. The font changing was the weirdest thing..

So, my super wonderful husband sat down two nights in a row and REMADE everything!  Wow, I'm forever grateful for him and his hard work! :)  He made them and they came out perfect!!  This time, we had all of these documents printed at Office Max.  We could've had them cut everything as well, because there were 3 or 4 things per sheet, but that would've just added on additional costs that we knew we could avoid.  So, we borrowed 2 paper cutters and got to work.  I did most of the cutting, as I didn't work at the time {only subbing}, so I had more time to do it.  But, once I sat down with the papers, turned on the TV, it actually didn't take that long and the time went by pretty quickly!

Here are some pictures of the components of our invitations.  I posted the images of the guestbook cards here, and there's a picture of our programs at the end of this post!

I never took a picture of the back of the RSVP postcards, but I wanted to make sure you saw them! I wanted something fun and different {aren't you noticing a common theme??}, so here is the file of what was on the back of the RSVP card. And just ignore my lazy attempt of crossing out the address..haha

Our invitations had four components: the actual invitation, the RSVP card, a Directions card, and a Hotel Accommodations card.

After addressing the envelopes, and stamping the invitations and RSVP cards, here's how they were stacked and sent out!

And here are our programs! They had four pages, and were tied together with either a pink, green, or orange ribbon!

And here are each of the pages!

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