Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Getting There

So, the wedding posts might be over, but BOY am I excited to finally post these pictures!  Many many people have asked when they'll finally get to see wedding pictures, and I just assured them they'd be on my blog soon, once the wedding posts were done! haha.

It wasn't really difficult to decide where we wanted to go on our honeymoon.  From the beginning, Matt and said we wanted to go to Jamaica, and I'm glad that's where we ended up!

The Monday after our wedding, we headed to the airport bright and early! This was both of our first time flying and I was a bit nervous.....okay, maybe more than "a bit" haha.  Mom took this picture of us just before we went to catch our first flight.

Our first destination: JFK in New York.  It was, of course, a quick flight, and not too bad of a layover there-about an hour and a half.  I loved seeing that airport, though, because it was so different than RIC.  The
coolest thing about this airport was all of the iPads they had set out for you to use.  Oh my gosh, it was so cool.  I know, I'm such a nerd.  So Matt and I played checkers on one.....and I lost.

And oh man, these birds! They were hilarious! We watched them while we ate breakfast, and couldn't stop laughing!!  Matt took a really funny video of them, too!

This one is for everyone who wondered why we hadn't already updated Facebook.  We were actually enjoying our time together, rather than making sure all of our social media was up to date.  But, since we had time to kill in the airport...

{Yes, that picture is supposed to be was a picture I Instagrammed and edited..}

Several hours later, we finally arrived in the very hot airport! haha.  After getting through customs and everything, we ended up in an area specifically for people who were going to Sandals resorts.  We hung out in their "lounge" type area waiting for our resort to be called for the shuttle.  There were only two other people going to the same resort as us, so it was nice not being crowded on that van!

Our drive from the airport to our resort was about an hour and forty five minutes.  At first, I wasn't looking forward to it, but I actually ended up loving it.  We got to see so much of Jamaica just on that drive.  We already knew we weren't going to deal with leaving the resort for any excursions or anything like that, so this was a nice way to see more of Jamaica!

All of the pictures I'm sharing today are from our drive to Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, where we would spend the next five days! :)  Now, I know these aren't the best pictures, but give me a break, I took them as we were driving by! haha

Oh, and I want to give a HUUUUUGE thank you to my sister for letting me borrow her camera to take all of these pics! Her camera is much more "travel-friendly" than mine, so I definitely appreciated being able to take her camera with us! :)

Okay, so, I definitely wasn't expecting this...and it really took some getting used to:

I know they're kind of hard to see, but these purple buildings are the high school that Usain Bolt went to:

Richmond in Jamaica! 

There was this one part of Jamaica that we drove through that was like a big shopping area.
I know this is stretching it for a description, but the "feel" and the look of it reminded me of Timbuck II in Corolla, NC...almost like an outdoor mall, if you will.

Had to take this to show dad!

And this one to show Mom & Abby! haha

Arriving at our resort!!

Annnnd here's a quick peak at our resort to hold you over til more pictures come on Monday!

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