Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Day 5 in Jamaica

Every night when someone would come in to turn down our beds {by the way, I find that too weird..}, they would leave us a brochure with all of the activities for the next day, specials at the store or the spa, and musical performances that would be at the resort, as well as useful information such as the times for sunrise and sunset.

On our last day, I made SURE I was up to watch the sunrise. Matt didn't want me to wake him up, although, once he was finally awake, I kept saying things like, "oh you just neeeed to come look at the sunrise." haha.

We already knew it was going to be a quick and short morning for us at the resort, as we had to catch our ride back to the airport for our flight.  So, we scheduled in some early time at the beach, and had the beach to ourselves!

I know, there are a lot of pictures of the sunrise, but they were all too pretty to narrow down to just a couple to share!

Then I got bored, and drew a heart on our window to take pictures through, haha.

As we walked down to the beach, I took pictures all around the resort, because I couldn't remember what I had pictures of already, and I wanted to make sure we could remember EVERYTHING. haha.

And, of course, here's our Scarf picture in Jamaica!

This is looking back towards the lobby from out on the Terrace.

Inside those doors is The Wobbly Peacock, where we went on Wednesday night.

The table in the bottom left corner is where we played checkers, and the doors to the right lead into where the computer was.

And we did ALLL that before breakfast...which came at 6:30 am!

Just some more pics from the room..

In the lobby waiting for our van..
You can tell I'm so sad to leave, ha.

Some pictures from our ride back to the airport in Montego Bay...

I just thought this sign was funny:

I thought Abby would want to see the horses that were just randomly hanging out on the side of the road, haha.

And, we're back at the airport.

There's our plane waiting for us..

There was a Margaritaville right by where we waited to board!

Ya gotta love those Delta snacks..haha

On the way to Atlanta!

So, for our first meals back in the US, and Matt had Mexican & I had Chinese...I had to laugh at that! haha

I really loved the moving sidewalks! haha

Did I mention it was a lonnnng layover??

For those of you who didn't see this picture when I posted it on Instagram & Facebook, we skyped with my family back home during my cousin Alison's graduation!  We were sad to not be there in person, but we totally heard them call her name and watched her walk across the stage!

Finally..our last flight home..

And there's our trip!

Now I'm ready for our next one!

I wonder where that will be to..... :)

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