Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Day 4 in Jamaica

Our 4th day in Jamaica started like just about every morning there:

I was the first one to really get up, I'd look out the window at the water, the sun, and what parts of the beach I could see....and I'd wait until Matt woke up & our breakfast had arrived!

I also remember it being bittersweet because it was the last day we'd wake up and actually get to enjoy the entire day there. 

While that was a sad, true statement, we still had such a great day! Very relaxing!

And a picture of our unmade bed...

Are you wondering why I posted that picture?
Maybe you didn't realize that Matt's in the bed...hahaha
Underneath the "plushy" comforter!

Pool time!
That gazebo is the one at the Terrace were a local music group played during dinner.

The peacocks wanted to come to the pool, too!

I can't look at this picture and not sing Escape.

Later on for lunch, we went back to The Royal Cafe.

We had freshly made potato chips...very good..

And for our appetizer, we had marlin...for real.
If you know me, I don't do much seafood, but on this trip, I tried everything.
And, guess what? It was great!  Matt says it tasted like salted ham.

For lunch, Matt just really wanted a burger, and so he did.

I had the Jerk Chicken dish again, so I didn't take another picture, ha.
But I could totally go for some Jerk Chicken right now.

Then, we just went walking around the resort:

We tried to go snorkeling again, but once we went out on the boat, the two resort tour guides, Matt and I all turned around and saw a nasty looking storm coming down the mountain behind the resort.  We didn't think it'd be a problem, but then some bad lighting started.  Back to the resort we went, and we were kinda bummed about not getting to snorkel again.

We were almost THAT couple that went out matching, haha.

This is where we stalked Facebook for wedding pictures, but didn't make our online presence known ;) haha

The other side of that area..

On Thursday afternoon, we finally went to Tea on the Terrace.  I'd been wanting to go all week, but we just never did.  I'm so glad we went though!

I love these next two take late in the evening inside the room:

Dinner time!

For dinner, we ate at the French restaurant again, but this time we got to eat outside.  We were out on the balcony, so we were looking down on The Terrace, and they had another group singing in the gazebo. So fun!

Matt's appetizer--French Onion Soup

My appetizer--Crab Cake

Dinner entertainment..

Matt's meal with a meat medley dish, with quail, steak, and chicken.

And I had the same chicken dish I had last time at the French restaurant! haha. 

So that means that I, indeed, ate the exact same meal of crab cake, chicken, and warm chocolate pudding for dessert!  What can I say? If it's that good, I'll soooo eat it twice!

And this is what we came back to from our butlers:

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