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Our Wedding: Table Names

When it came to all of our tables for the reception, I didn't
want just numbered tables.  I know, it's the traditional thing to do, and probably the easiest thing to do, but, I learned throughout this wedding planning process that I didn't do things "the easy way."  haha. Instead, we used an idea for the tables that took MUCH longer to put together than I thought.  However, I did start them way in advance, so that definitely helped.

Instead of number the tables 1-20, we instead came up with 20 different places that Matt and I had been to and named each table after a location!  I wrote yesterday how the centerpieces included three vases decorated in ribbon. Around the three vases were three picture frames.  The first picture frame was bigger and had the table name written on it.  The second picture frame had a picture of Matt and I at that particular place, and a description about it.  Finally, the third frame didn't have anything to do with the location, but instead had a brief itinerary of the evening, informing guests of what would come next, as well as the link for our hashtag.

I warned you yesterday that today was going to be a lonnnnnng post, so, if you're with me to the end, stop right here, go get something to drink, and then come back and make yourself comfortable!!  Here are ALL of the table names we used, the picture included on the table, as well as the description!

Quick story real quick! My Aunt Diane actually came up to meet during the reception, asking about all the table descriptions, and it was like we read each others' mind, because I said, "oh I definitely have a blog post for that!" haha.  We had another moment like that at our family reunion this past weekend!

First, our head table {which consisted of our bridesmaids, groomsmen, Matt and I} was The Science Museum.  Because our table was set up differently than all the other dinner tables, we didn't include the other picture frames with a picture of us and a description, but, I'm pretty sure you can imagine a picture and figure out what the description would be! haha.

Next, was our huge table for our parents and grandparents:

The Berkeley Hotel

The Berkeley Hotel will now hold a special place in Matt & Mallory's heart.

Their Rehearsal Dinner was held here with all of their wedding party and family members, and was the last big event before the wedding.

This is also where Matt & Mallory both got ready before heading to The Science Museum to say "I do."

Now, in no particular order, here are all of the rest of the tables!

Yorktown Beach

Matt & Mallory have made several trips to Yorktown Beach.
Although they've never actually gone swimming at the beach, they've enjoyed walking the boardwalk, people watching, and, of course, getting Ben & Jerry's ice cream!
However, this picture was taken after Matt had a track meet at Christopher Newport University, and they took a small trip to the beach with Matt's parents before heading home!


Mallory's cousin, Jacquelyn, married her husband, Bucky, on a beautiful Nagshead beach in June 2011.

Around that time, several of Matt & Mallory's friends and family were getting married, so they were excited to help celebrate such a special time!
P.S.  Little did Mallory's dad know at the time, but just a few days after this wedding, Matt would be coming to ask him a very important question.... ;)

Maymont Park

A month after they started dating, Matt & Mallory took a trip to Maymont Park with Mallory's sister, Abby, and family friend, Emily.

Little did they know, this trip would be the first of many to Maymont where Matt & Mallory would go pretty much just to have their pictures taken!

Abby has been the kind photographer on most of the trips (she took the picture you see here!), & their friend, Lindsey, has also taken some pictures of them there.

Graves Mountain

Matt's family traditionally made trips up to Graves Mountain each year with some family friends to attend the Apple Festival.

Several years ago, Mallory's family went on the trip, too!

Everyone had a great time enjoying a picnic lunch, walking around to see the booths, stepping on the stones in the creek, and just enjoying each other's company!

Varina High School

Matt & Mallory are both graduates of Varina High School.  They were both involved in Key Club, a service organization.  In the 2007-2008 school year, Mallory was Key Club President, and Matt was President for the 2008-2009 school year.

Matt and & Mallory went to three Varina proms together and two homecoming dances together.  This picture is from their last homecoming, during Matt's senior year.

Luray Caverns

For their two year anniversary, Mallory surprised Matt by taking a day trip to Luray Caverns, as he had mentioned before that he wanted to go.

After getting there, they were told that the caverns were closed for another another, because the First Lady was inside, so they were given free tickets to the Garden Maze.  They even had so many time to kill, they found their way through the maze twice!

Ferrum College

Matt went to Ferrum College for his freshman year, while Mallory continued classes at Longwood.

During this time, Matt & Mallory continued year two of their "semi long distance" relationship.

They would see each other every two to three weeks, and took turns driving to either Ferrum or Longwood, or sometimes they even both drove home!

West Palm Beach

In the summer of 2008, Matt & Mallory went on a mission trip to West Palm Beach, Florida with the youth group from Fort Lee Baptist Church.  While they were not placed in the same mission groups when they got there, they both spent a great week playing games and other recreational activities with kids.

On the free day of the week, the youth group enjoyed a nice and relaxing evening on the beach!

The Flying Squirrel's Games

Matt & Mallory have attended many Richmond Flying Squirrel's games in the past couple of years.

Mallory's favorite thing about the games are getting Squirrely fries, but they both enjoy listening to the guy walk around the stands selling "super DUPER cold beer."

If you can't tell from the picture, they both show their love for the Flying Squirrels by sporting their team apparel.  Matt actually bought Mallory her hat when they went to a game on their anniversary.

The Campground

Growing up, Mallory spend a lot of time visiting her aunt and uncle at Rainbow Acres Campground with her sister and cousins.  They would spending hours upon hours swimming and skiing, but most of all...TUBING!!

A few summers ago, Matt finally got to come along for this fun trip to experience the thrill of tubing...and falling of the tube!

Longwood University

If there's one thing Matt & Mallory have in common, it's their love for all things Longwood.

From basketball games to Chi walks, to working for RCL and participating in Color Wars, they love being Lancers!

They even love Longwood so much, they took some of their engagement pictures with the Longwood Scarf!

They agree that their Longwood experiences were only made better because they got to share them all with each other!

Virginia Beach

Matt & Mallory have been to VA Beach to sock up the sun and swim only once, but they have also been around Christmas time!
Matt surprised Mallory one day over the holiday season by driving them down to Virginia Beach to ride on the Boardwalk to see the Christmas lights!  If you know Mallory, then you probably know how much she loves Christmas, so Matt sure knows the way to her heart with surprises like this one!

The River

Ever since Mallory was little, she's gone to the river with her mom's side of the family.  Many childhood memories are from spending time with her cousins and family down at the river.
After Mallory first brought him to the river, Matt quickly found his love for being down there, as well, and enjoys going out on the boat and fishing with Papa!
Matt's new favorite thing to do at the river is cook crabs!


The Chickenhouse

Before meeting Matt, Mallory had already been to The Chickenhouse many times to listen to Churchyard Grass play music.
Just a month after they started dating, she somehow got Matt to come along, too! After that, he came back for several more CYG concerts.
While this picture doesn't actually show The Chickenhouse, it was taken by the lake that's behind The Chickenhouse!


"Roma's" is one of Matt & Mallory's favorite restaurants.  If you're ever wondering where they ate out one night, when it doubt, guess Roma's!
Over the years, Matt & Mallory have spent many late Friday nights at Roma's after Varina High School football games, laughed along with "The Rom'as Crew" while enjoying a great meal, attended birthday dinners and graduation parties a the restaurant, and just stopped in sometimes to say "Hi!"

Busch Gardens

Matt & Mallory have been to Busch Gardens several times throughout the past 6 years.  Matt originally wasn't a fan of rollercoasters, but Mallory is glad she doesn't have to ride them by herself anymore ;)
While most of their trips have been during the hot summer months, and were spend standing in long lines or watching a show inside to cool off, they've also been to Christmastown once with Mallory's family.

Sandston Pool

During Summer 2008, Mallory's trips to the pool became more frequent, as Matt was a lifeguard that summer!

As cheesy as it was (and still is), Mallory wanted to take this picture at the pool, based on the lyrics from a Kenny Chesney song, "...two barefeet on a dashboard, young love and an old Ford.  Cheap shades and [no] tattoo and a YooHoo bottle on the floorboard..."

The Jefferson

If you know Mallory, you probably know about her ridiculous love for all things Christmas!!
This past Christmas, Matt & Mallory finally went together to see the Christmas decorations at The Jefferson in Richmond.  Mallory could have sat in the lobby all night just staring at the Christmast tree and admiring the decorations, but Matt isn't as much of a Christmas fanatic ;)
How many people are still with me after all of that?! haha.  I can't believe I had the patience to sit here and put in each picture and retype all of the descriptions!! {Every time I tried to cut and paste, the spacing would get all jacked up and frustrated me too much!}  Tomorrow there will be one more post about all of these tables came together so easily!!

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