Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Wedding: Our Logo & Theme

I don't remember how this whole idea got started, but I'm
happy with where we went with it!

First off, deciding what day we wanted to get married on was a little bit more challenging than I thought.  Luckily, we decided SO far in advance {and did so many things in advance}, that all of our first choices venues and vendors were available.  We originally thought to get married in May, since that was when we went to our first prom together, and was our anniversary month.  But, after looking at the weekends in May, we just weren't feeling it. Okay, I wasn't feeling it {Matt didn't care which weekend, haha}.  So, I did what I do best. I went straight to Google.

Now, I know this next part is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but I've always loved the really strange and random holidays.  For instance, did you know that today, August 7th, is National Lighthouse Day? haha. I did a Google search for random holidays in June, just for the heck of it, because I wanted to see if there was anything that could work in our
favor.  It turned out that June 8th is Best Friends Day.  I immediately thought, "perfect! I'll marry my best friend on Best Friends Day!"   Luckily, Matt went with my craziness and that was our date!

We didn't really have a "theme" for our wedding.  Not nautical, country, etc., but we had certain things we wanted to work with and that would work in our favor.

Like I said yesterday, we, and by "we" I mean Matt, made all of our stationary.  The first thing that I had started brainstorming was the programs, because I knew we would have a LOT of information to fit in such small spaces.  After many many hours of designing and arranging, and redesigning and rearranging, we had our logo.  I. Loved. It.  I love that both of our names start with the same initial, because we did so much it!  There was a more masculine, block letter M to represent Matt, and I more feminine, flowy M to represent me.  We used the Ms and our logo in various places throughout the evening. 

My dad had these awesome Ms made to hang on the gates leading into the ceremony/cocktail hour. 
I love them!
These are pictures of pictures that Matt's mom took, haha!

It was also very convenient that M and M for Matt and Mallory could also stand for Mr. and Mrs., as that's the direction we went for choosing our cake topper and toasting glasses.  Plus, see the logo on our cake, too?

So, as a result of getting married on Best Friends Day and having the same first initial, our theme really just became "us."  After all, it was our wedding, and our special day, so why not have everything about us?  {Okay, after writing that sentence, it sounds kind of selfish, haha, but that's totally not how I meant it.}  On June 8th, we married our best friend & became Mr. and Mrs.  The perfect day! :)

Sidenote:  If you're interested in seeing other random or strange holidays, check out this link.

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