Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Wedding: Wedding Party Gifts

Sidenote:  It literally took me all day to write this post....I went back and forth debating on whether or not I even wanted to do this post, because I didn't want to rub people the wrong way.  I definitely don't mean that literally; I'm not a touchy-feeling person..

I want to start off by saying I hope this doesn't come off as a post where I'm boasting or bragging about the gifts we gave our wedding party/attendants.  I don't mean to do that in any way at all.  I honestly just wanted to do this post to share the gifts we got everyone, because I was so excited about each of them!!

For starters, I ordered these bridesmaids gifts WAY in advance, and when you and your Maid of Honor live in the same house, it's hard to hide stuff well!  We ended up sharing space in the bonus room {upstairs den}.......kind of.  There's a Pacman machine upstairs near a corner, so I got one side of the machine to hide stuff Abby couldn't see,
and she got the other side to hide things for my shower, etc., that I couldn't see in advance. haha.  It actually worked out well!

I ordered these black tote bags off Etsy from The Southern Pineapple.  Each bag had the bridesmaid's first initial big in the same color of their dress. For instance, in this picture, you can kind of see some of them, Gabby's peaking out the most.  She wore green, so she had a green "G" on her bag.  Then, their names were embroidered over the initial in white.  So, they all received a similar gift, yet, each unique to each bridesmaid!  

I also got each of them the same bracelet, which was a silver rope-like knotted bracelet.  Attached to each bracelet was a tag that looked like this:

They either had the pink, green or orange tag, and they weren't as blurry as shown in this picture..haha.

Then, as you can see in the first picture, they each had a smaller gift bag inside of their tote bag.  These were Bridesmaid Survival Kits, and yes, I found the idea on Pinterest, but changed it slightly.  There was an assortment of things inside the bag, and the poem that went with it listed everything out.  Below, you can see the poem that was included in Abby's {in pink} and Gabby's {in green}.

I included their favorite candy {because who doesn't love a sweet snack on a day that can be stressful?} and several other useful things that they -or anyone!- might need.

Matt gave his groomsmen very "guy-like" gifts, haha. I mean really, you look at the gifts and say, "oh yeah, any guy would totally love that." ha.  

First, he gave each of them two monogrammed beer glasses---none of which are pictured below.  This is just the picture listed on the site..

He also got them each a mix pack of cigars, purchased from Havana Connections.

For our parents, we wanted to get the our moms the same gift, and our dads the same gift.  We wanted all of the gifts to be similar, yet still different.  Does that sentence even make sense?? haha.

We gave our moms personalized heart jewelry boxes, and a pearl infinity necklace, purchased on Etsy from Jewelry by Alexis.  They both wore these necklaces at the wedding.  Now, I don't know about Matt's mom, but I know that my mom had already bought jewelry that she planned to wear for the wedding, so it was nice that she wore her new one we gave her.  And, can you imagine how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut when I was with mom at the store when she bought jewelry to match her dress for the wedding, and our necklace for her was sitting at home! ha.

We gave our dads personalized boxes as well, with an engraved/monogrammed pocket knife.  The boxes were square wooden boxes and were the perfect size to hold the pocket knife!  

Our Flower Girls, or Petal Princesses as they were called the day of, are both cute girly girls who definitely deserved some cute gifts.  We gave them each a Bridal Barbie, the book Junie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl, and a sparkly headband to wear in the wedding!

For Holly, our program attendant, we wanted to give her something different than the Flower Girls, some "older girl" stuff, if you will, but also things that she would enjoy!  We designed/personalized a make-up bag for her on Etsy from the shop, Heart Felt Crafts.  We then filled it with various chapsticks, lip glosses, and nail polishes.  She loved it!  We also gave her a book that I unfortunately cannot remember the title of to save my life {I triiiied searching for it!}, but it was a chapter book from a cupcake series.  Finally, we gave her a pearl necklace to wear at the wedding!

Remember this picture from the rehearsal dinner that Matt's mom took? 
Yeah, I'd say she looks pretty happy about it ;)

All of these gifts were HUGE "thank yous" to everyone who played an important role in our wedding, and supported us through everything to get to the wedding itself! Thank you all for being there on our wedding day! :)

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