Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Day 2 in Jamaica

On our first morning in Jamaica, I woke up in a panic....over something stupid.  Matt was kind of already up, so I said, "oh no! We forgot to put out our breakfast order!!"  So, Matt being the brighter of the two of us pulls out the binder with the menu and orders us breakfast. Sure, we had to wait a bit, but at least he found a solution.  Otherwise, I probably would've sat there stressing out about when we'd ever get to eat, haha. 

Now that I think about it, I find it hilarious how freaked out I was thinking we weren't going to eat breakfast.  What can I say?  I love food! hahaha

So, a little bit later on, a butler came to our room, set the table nicely for us, and it was time to enjoy breakfast!  Matt ordered waffles, I ordered pancakes, we got an assortment of toast and jellies and fresh Blue Mountain Coffee. So. Good.

And let me just say, that is NOT enough syrup for pancakes and waffles! haha.

After breakfast, we moseyed on down to the beach to relax.  Since the fridge in our room was so well stocked with waters and sodas, I took two down to the beach for us, but, they weren't really needed.  One of the resort employees came walking by with a tray of drinks--Mango Mimosas--which were quite delicious! 

Then we sat there watching all of these stupid sand crabs that made me not even want to get out of my seat!! haha.  Well done on these pictures, Matt ;)

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures from our trip:

And this one is second, haha.

Unlike me, Matt liked watching the sand crabs, ha.

We saw another couple walk over to the activities desk to go snorkeling, and we did something I don't ever remember doing.  We spur the moment decided to go snorkeling!  {I'm usually the type that really has to plan something!}  Unfortunately, I didn't have a waterproof camera, so I don't have any pictures of everything we saw.  We didn't see Nemo, but, we DID see Dory! haha. 

Here's the boat we went out on to go to the reefs to go snorkeling:

And here's a quick story I always tell people about our snorkeling adventure:  Matt and I would usually stay together while we were snorkeling, until he pointed something out to me.  We were under water and I heard Matt make a loud noise to get my attention and he pointed over to the side and I thought to myself, "OH NO. I'M GETTING THE HECK OUT OF HERE!"  He saw a stingray!! Yes, it was cool, but I didn't want a Steve Irwin to happen to me.  So, I started swimming closer to the boat.  As I got closer to the boat, one of the resort employees stopped me and said, "my friend, look, there's a beautiful ray over there!" and I said, "YEAH, THAT'S WHY I'M GOING OVER HERE!" hahha. And yes, he did laugh at me.

After our snorkeling adventures, we went and got changed so we could get some lunch down at the Royal Cafe.

 Matt got the Jerk Pork and I got the Jerk Chicken. Oh my gosh. Delicious. This food was seriously amazing.

Just some more pictures from back in the room...I can't get over how blue the water is!

We decided to go walk around the resort some more to see areas we hadn't been to yet.  We, of course, saw more of our peacock friends..

Matt played some tennis..

Some more plants & trees to show our moms..

That building behind Matt is the Fitness Center.

I probably could've just taken pictures of the palm trees all day and be content with that! haha

A nice view inside the lobby, looking out towards the Terrace, pool, ocean, etc.

Here's the Terrace where we ate dinner the first night.  It has SUCH a different look when you're there at night!

Stopping for something to drink.

When walking back to our room, we stopped at a table to play checkers....and just like evvvvery other time I play against Matt, I lost. Terribly.

Later on, we went down to the west beach and sat on the pier watching the sunset. It was great!

These crabs.....EVERYWHERE.

Looking back at our resort:

That's the Terrace, from a different view.

I know it's blurry, but this is the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Matt was going near the edge of the pier watching the crabs crawl all around the side...me..not so much, lol.

Ready for dinner..

Dinner time!  On this night, we had dinner at the French restaurant at, you guessed it, seven turt-y. haha.  This food was just as amazing as lunch.  {I'll tell you now, any time I've been asked what was my favorite thing about Jamaica, I say the food. It was just SOOOO good!}

Our appetizers..Matt had shrimp something--neither of us can remember what it was-- and I had a crab cake. mmmm.

We completely forgot to take a picture of our entrees, but Matt had a lamb dish and I had a chicken dish {I don't like chicken at all...}
And here's dessert! It was Warm Chocolate Pudding, which was basically like a chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

At the end of the night, we came back to this cute little puppy:

Check back tomorrow for Day 3 in Jamaica!!

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