Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Day 3 in Jamaica

There was never any hope for either of us really sleeping in on this trip. 

While we may have been exhausted, our internal clocks woke us up bright and early anyway.  However, even waking up at 6:00am was really sleeping in for Matt! haha

On Tuesday night, we did remember to put out our breakfast order on the door so we could have what we wanted and know exactly when it was coming. 

After breakfast, we spent time out on the water, relaxing on the beach, and well, just relaxing in general!

Enjoy these pictures from Day 3 :)

These are the cards that we had in our room, so our breakfast could be prepared: 

And here's our food:

Later on, we decided to go on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.  We were the only ones that went, and I was actually pretty glad---I didn't have to worry about people being too close to me or not being able to see anything.

First for the tour, we went down the coastline to the west of our resort.  Just like our ride from the airport to the resort, it was great getting to see more things from a different view.

On our way back east, we rode over some reefs to see all kinds of different things.  I did the best I could taking pictures, but the reefs just don't look as awesome as they do in person.

After going over the reefs, we got to see more along the coastline in the other direction.

Time for some beach time :)

At lunchtime, we went back to the Royal Cafe.  I had to laugh, because for our appetizer, we got chicken nuggets! lol.  But, I'll even say it, they weren't that good.

Matt then had the Grilled Salmon, and I had Baby Back ribs.  

I can't even say it enough.  This food was AWESOME!

Throughout the week, I'll admit that we watched a lot of TV.  I know...we were in Jamaica for goodness sake and we watched a lot of TV?!  Well, neither of us likes to be in the sun for long periods of time, and plus, it was just relaxing.  And, ask Matt, but I fell asleep most of the time. haha.  I really did.  But, there were a few times I got antsy, so, I just took pictures of stuff.  For instance, here's our fridge that was always well stocked for us.

And I'm pretty sure none of that wine was ever even touched..haha

I cracked up over this!!

Our late afternoon snack:

Such a pretty view..

Ready for another dinner!

Before dinner, we went to something they were having at The Wobbly Peacock, haha, to get something to drink.  Don't worry, we didn't drink anything to make us "wobbly" haha.

For dinner on this night, we ate at the Terrace again, but we ate inside this time.  It was a really interesting dinner, because we didn't order anything!  The chef came over to our table and asked us three questions:

1) What types of food do you not like?
2) Are there any foods you're allergic to?
3) How do you like your meat cooked?

So we had absolutely no idea what would come for each course, but let me tell you, the chef did not disappoint!

For appetizers, Matt was brought carrot soup and I had a ham croquette.  I didn't try Matt's, but he did like it, and we both agree that my croquette was good!

For our entrees, I had a porkchop dish, and Matt had the catch of the day.  We were both very happy with our food!

Finally, for dessert, Matt had a strawberry cake and I had a fruit cake with ice cream...both were yummmmmmm.

Tomorrow, there will be, yet again, lots more pictures from Day 4, and hopefully that post won't be up as late as this one! ;)

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