Monday, December 15, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 15

10 days til Christmas y'all!!! I'm so excited :)

For today's post, there isn't just one thing I did or anything.  What I was going to share ended up not working out and falling through at the last minute.  But, I still did Christmasy things today!

Today was the first day of our Christmas/Winter Spirit Week at school!  We get to dress for the holidays each day, and I'm very excited about it!  I have so many Christmas things I can wear!

I also ran a couple errands this afternoon and picked up some small gifts/stocking stuffers that I still needed to pick up.

Finally, this evening, we had our last bells practice before we play our Christmas songs in church on Sunday!

On top of all this, I ended up getting a migraine, that only got worse as the day went on.  When I finally got home from bells, I just came straight to bed (where I still am now).  Thankfully, Matt took some pictures for me, so my blog post wouldn't be picture-less today!  He has worked very hard on making the outside of our house look so great for Christmas--he loves putting up the lights and all!  He put up the last decoration today (at least the last decoration for now!), which is the inflatable Spiderman on the side of the house!  So, he took some pictures of all his hard work for me to share tonight! 

I love our cute little Mater!

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