Monday, December 8, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

During Christmas time, I really enjoy all of the Christmas movies and TV show specials that come on!  Once they all started coming on TV, I decided I was going to try my best to watch more Christmasy things than I did last year.  Last year, I kind of let them all get away from me and kept saying, "oh, I'll catch them at a later time."  Well, during the holidays, there's rarely a later time, because you're always so busy! So, if I see something on I really want to see, I try to at least have it on in the background!

Hallmark has a lot of new movies this year and I've really enjoyed them! 

Some of the new Hallmark movies from this year I've seen that I highly recommend are A Cookie Cutter Christmas, A Royal Christmas, and Christmas Under Wraps.  All three of the movies were so good, that if I were channel surfing and saw that either were on again, I'd flip right over to Hallmark and watch! 

There are still a couple of new Hallmark Christmas movies that have come out, that I haven't caught yet, but I sure hope to before they stop playing them!  Those include Northpole and Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle.

Other channels also have Christmas specials that I've either loved or can't wait to see! The Girl Meets World Christmas episode came on this past Friday--it could've not been about Christmas, and I still would've loved it....just to see Cory's parents and Shawn as special guests on the show!

On ABCFamily, 2 of our favorite shows, Melissa and Joey and Baby Daddy have their Christmas episodes coming on this Wednesday--can't wait to watch those!!

Also, did you know that there's A Christmas Story 2?? Matt was flipping through the channels tonight and came across it.  I think I need to watch A Christmas Story completely, from start to finish, before I try to watch the second one.  By the way, you read that last sentence right.  I, the lover of all things Christmas, have yet to watch A Christmas Story entirely.  I am aware that it plays for 24 hours straight every year, haha. Maybe this year will be the year I finally watch it. (I say that every year.)

Can't wait until Winter Break starts--more time for movie watching!! Only 9 more school days!! :)

Do you have any suggestions for Christmas movies and/or shows I should watch this year??

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Nina Diane said...

I love A Christmas Story and have to watch it every year....sometimes more than once! And of course Chevy Chase Christmas vacation is my all time favorite. I also love all of the Home Alone movies. I have 8 more working days until Christmas vacation......can't wait for 2 weeks off to relax!!