Sunday, December 21, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 21

Ever since Matt and I started dating, I've been invited over to their Christmas Eve Brunch.  It's grown a bit over the years!  Just as the name sounds, we would either be at Matt's house or someone else's house on Christmas Eve morning for a yummy brunch.  Since all the kids have gotten older and aren't all on Christmas break any more, it's had to be moved from Christmas Eve to most likely a weekend.  And, to work around everyone schedules, like this year, it wasn't brunch, but Christmas Eve dinner, four days early!

You're most likely always around family for the holidays, so it's fun to make sure you have time with friends, too!  It's very nice that we have had a lot of the same family friends since we were in elementary school, so everyone's like family anyway!

This year, Christmas Eve "Brunch" was held at Matt's parent's house, so we headed over this evening..

Love their tree and the way the mantle is decorating with the garland, snow and village houses!

yummy food!

tasting some desserts :)

Oh, also! Happy First Day of Winter!!
Now, where's the snow?!

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