Friday, December 19, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 19

I can't tell you HOW excited I am to be off for two weeks now!!  It has been a long week, for both of us, so we are happy to see the weekend..even though the weekend is filled with lots to do, too!  It's just that time of year, we have to accept it!

Although we were both exhausted by the time we got home, both of us getting home later than planned, we still decided to stick to our original plans to go along with my 25 Days of Christmas!

We took a mini family "road trip" out to the Goochland Drive-In Theater!!  I've been wanting to go for a while, so when I found out they were showing a Christmas double feature this weekend only, I added it to our calendar!  We were supposed to go tomorrow night, but they cancelled tomorrow's showings due to possible inclement weather that was predicted earlier this week.  So, we rushed to get ready and grabbed what we needed (our blankets, Maple's blankets and toys, a radio, etc.) and headed on out!  I'm so glad Maple could come with us for this short trip :)

The movies that were showing tonight were Home Alone and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  We left during the intermission after Home Alone, which we had already talked about doing, just because we knew we had a little bit of a drive back, anyway.  But, not to worry, because as soon as I sat down to blog, Christmas Vacation came on ABCFamily.  I won't miss it afterall!  Only now, I get to watch it from the comfort of my bed!

The whole experience of the Drive-In was great, starting as soon as you pull in and talk to the friendly staff members.  The cost of admission was $15 for us, which is the price for one car of up to seven people.  The snack bar also has great prices--nothing over $3.75.  You can tune your radio to their radio station to hear the movie play in your car.  We tried listening to it on Matt's portable radio, too, but that had more static than we wanted to deal with.  Anyway, the whole atmosphere there was great!  For example, the announced several people's birthdays tonight, and asked everyone to honk their horns to wish them a Happy Birthday.  It was really funny to hear all of the horns going off, and people honking their horn was just fun!

Also, Maple did great!  She was a little bit anxious at first, because she was seeing so many people around, but she settled down very quickly.

Apparently Maple likes to live fearlessly and ride backwards, haha.

Here's the entrance...and the movies they were showing!

I loved this ticket booth you pull up to!

Before the movies started, they were playing A Charlie Brown Christmas.
They also had more pre-showing activities that went on once the gates opened at 5:00, but obviously we weren't there for all of that.  We did get to see the bonfire they had, though!

Camped out in the back..

A short stop on the way home..

Deddy's back! :-D

If you've never been to the Goochland Drive-In before, I definitely recommend it!  We already can't wait to go back again when their 2015 starts up!

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