Saturday, December 20, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 20

I could decorate Christmas trees any day!! This evening, Matt and I (okay, just me really, haha) helped Mom and Abby decorate two trees.  It was lots of fun...lots of laughs and lots of distractions!

We had Pizza Hut for dinner and watched Elf--could there be a better Christmas movie to watch while decorating?? :)  Matt also made some chocolate chip cookies, recipe from the famous "Nestle Toulouse."  Okay, if you haven't seen Friends, that won't be the least bit funny to you. haha.

There was also a bit of jump-roping involved, while Mom was stringing up beads.  I was holding the beads, making sure they were untangled and everything as she was putting them on the tree, and I kept swinging the strands around.  Then, Matt grabbed the other end, Abby jumped in, and she got a few good jumps! haha.


Don't know what we're doing here...

Matt "supervising"

Annie enjoyed some snuggles with Matt.

We stopped for a cookie break...
While Abby was fixing milk and Eggnog, Annie just stared at me and this tin of cookies! haha

Mom's Eggnog picture:

 Matt putting his touch on the tree..

All done!

Moving on to tree #2!

...but not until we had a piano concert. haha
This brought back some old memories!

Putting the "hula girl" angel on.

so pretty!

Abby and I very carefully and strategically  placed the nativity scene, haha.

Abby's turn on the piano ;)

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