Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maple's First Christmas (With Us!)

There's no doubt about it...we love our dog! Maple is the perfect addition to our house and family!  We also love how much our families love her!

For Christmas, Maple received lots of new toys and treats (just like she asked Santa Paws for), and she loves having so many new things to play with.  At least, I assume she does, haha.

On Christmas Eve, before Christmas Eve service, Mom and Abby stopped by to give Maple her first presents:

"Hmmm...I know there's something in here somewhere!"

 A new jacket!


They also gave her (us) this new Christmas ornament. I love it!!

Later on Christmas Eve, we took Maple over to Matt's parent's house, where she received more treats!

Maple's present from Dad got left in the car, so he brought it by after Christmas.

"I know that's for me...I want one!"

"These are so good!"

More paper to play with!

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