Thursday, December 25, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 25


I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas!!  It seemed like the whole day went so quickly!!

As always on the holidays, we had a busy day, starting early, and ending after dinner.  We did manage a break in between this year, and I even found time for a 15 minute nap. (Just 15 minutes?? That's it?!)  But, as crazy as the day might be, I enjoy it because we get to see so many family all in one day!!  We might have to rush off from one place sooner than we'd like to, but we try to fit in as much as we can.

Because I was so caught up in enjoying Christmas, I don't have many pictures of the entire day.  I only have two pictures on my phone from today.  TWO.  One of our Christmas tree lit up when I got up this morning, and one of Matt and me when we got home this evening.  That's it.  I did have my camera out in the morning while we did gifts here and then with Mom's side of the family before breakfast, but after that, my camera never made another appearance.  Unfortunately, because everything was so rushed, most of the pictures are really blurry. :(  I wish there was a way I could fix them now....or go back in time and fix the light/settings/everything. haha.  Also, being the one who takes the pictures most of the time, there are never as many of me it seems!  Hmm..need to do something about that!

Part of me is sad that I don't have more pictures, but the other part of me is glad I didn't add one more thing to do.  Plus, I was with Matt's family during all the other times, so I know his mom has lots of pictures :)

Our tree this morning..

I know, I know.  Call me cheesy.

Looks like Santa Paws and Santa Claus came!

Maple sees toys!!

"Deddy, give me that cookie!!!!"

 Maple loves her Tigger.

So many toys (and clothes!).  Thanks to Santa Paws and Auntie Abby.

"Do you guys think there's anything else for me around here?"

Kisses for Deddy.

Awww, Maple loves her new bag from Deddy. (Momma loves it too!)

I have been so excited about this gift for Matt, and it's been hard to keep it a secret!
He finally got a waffle maker!

Love these next two of Maple!

Headed out for family time!

Helping carrying gifts..

Ok, you see that HUGE rope toy on the mantle?  That's for Annie, obviously.  That toy didn't stand a chance!  She started shredding it in no time!  It was hilarious!  Every time she had torn it up more, she's walk around the room, carrying it, like, "Look everyone, look at my progress!!" haha

Abby had some great expressions this year...

I got this awesome Origami Owl necklace with a sparkly snowflake inside!
Apparently I was too anxious and excited to put it kinda looks like everyone just ditched me! haha

This next series of pictures...just watch Abby's face change from confusion to excitement!

LOVE this new candle!!!!!!

Annie still chewing away...

Then, Abby got a new coat.  And realized that she matched her new Indian statue. haha

Dad's clever wrapping

Apparently, after reading my blog posts, he realizes I need a rolling pin.  An empty beer bottle will only work for so long....haha

Matt's great new sign!

This was my favorite part of the morning.  I get excited to pick out gifts for people and then see their reactions.  So, I was excited for everyone to open what we gave them!

...Annie still going to town...

Home for the night..just in time for some Maple snuggles :)

That's all for this post, and that concludes this year's 25 Days of Christmas!
But, this isn't the end for the Christmas posts! I still have lots of pictures to share!! :)

And, if you have any ideas for next year's 25 Days, start throwing them out there!  
I do have several ideas myself, but you might've thought of something I haven't yet!

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