Thursday, December 18, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18

WHOO. WHAT a day it has been!!!

Luckily, it started out great!  I have been so anxious waiting for our Christmas cards to come in the mail.  Every time I check the shipping status, the delivery date was pushed back a day!  At that rate, our cards were going to be delivered to US on Christmas!  I was getting very frustrated.  Then, this morning as I was getting ready, I heard Maple start barking like crazy.  She was just letting me know that the mailman was stopping by early, and he was dropping off that orange package I'd been waiting for!!

We spent some more time at work today working on decorating our door.  There's a campus-wide door decorating contest for Christmas, and everyone is getting so into it this year!  I didn't get a chance to take pictures today, but I will tomorrow!  After that, I was just doing anything I could to get through the rest of the day, because I knew that waiting for me at home was a huge stack of Christmas cards that weren't going to address themselves!

I'm not going to share the actual card yet, because I want everyone to be surprised when the receive it in the mail.  But, no blog post is fun without pictures, so I did take a few....

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