Tuesday, December 2, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Well, I sure am glad you came back for Day 2! I haven't bored you yet, I suppose!

If you've ever been to our house at different holidays, or any time really, you've probably seen our chalkboard in the kitchen. I made it last year and will redecorate it for different occasions, or with different quotes...anything really!

I have had a Christmas chalkboard idea saved on my computer desktop for over a year now (so long I don't even remember where I got it from!).  Well, I forgot to do it last Christmas!! I sure didn't want to forget it this year, so I have kept it on my desktop, where I always see it! haha.

I was really sad at first, because I didn't want to erase our Fall chalkboard--it was one of my favorites to date!  Then, as I started drawing this one, I got really frustrated because I couldn't get straight lines and nothing seemed to be working in my favor. WELL, the end result definitely passes the expectations I had for myself-I LOVE IT! I'm never going to want to erase this one. Fortunately...this one can probably pass and stay into a little bit of January, too ;)

So, here's the Fall one I didn't want to take down:

Annnnd, here's the new Christmas one!!
Luckily, it still has a similar look like the Fall one, so I love it!

I can't decide it I like it with the lights around it....still debating on whether or not to keep them up!

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