Monday, December 16, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11

I love most kinds of Chex Mix, trail mixes, snack mixes, etc., so of course I'll include a few of those here, too!

I came across this White Chocolate Christmas Chex Mix recipe a few years ago, so I brought it back out this year to share!

Most of the ingredients you're probably familiar with from any other chex mix or snack mix, so you can really make it your own by changing the ingredients up however you like!

  • 3 cups of Rice Chex
  • 3 cups of Corn Chex
  • 3 cups of Cheerios
  • 3 cups of Pretzels
  • 2 cups of Mixed Nuts
  • 1 pound of White Chocolate
  • 12 ounces of M&Ms

1. Mix all ingredients, except white chocolate, in a large bowl {or my mixing bowl was currently in use at the time, haha...}.

2. Melt the white chocolate.

3. Pour the melted chocolate over the ingredients and mix together.

4. Spread out on waxed paper to harden before serving.

It's so tasty and the pop of color from the red and green M&Ms really make it more festive and fun!

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